Workforce Development Program for Veterans

Military photo

In an effort to address the unemployment rate amongst U.S. military veterans, AMPP is committed to helping those qualified and interested receive the training and support they need to embark on a rewarding career in the corrosion industry.

The Workforce Development Program provides participants with the following:

AMPP Training Courses for Veterans

The program supports two training courses, up to a Level I certification course (CP or CIP), and reimbursement for travel and lodging during the course of training. See below for more information on training courses.

Mentoring from Industry Professionals

Mentors provide a knowledge base, counsel participants on career options within the corrosion industry, and assist with opportunities for networking.

The objective is to assist veterans in developing a skillset that will enable them to pursue a successful career beyond the military.

AMPP Training Courses

First Course

Basic Corrosion eCourse (View course description)

Participants must complete Basic Corrosion eCourse at 100% and receive a minimum passing score on the proctored, written examination in order to register for a Level 1 Certification Course.

Second Course

Level 1 Certification Course (choose one – CP 1 or CIP 1)

Cathodic Protection Tester – Level 1 (CP 1) (View course description)
Coating Inspector Program – Level 1 (CIP 1) (View course description)

Become a Mentor

As a mentor, your knowledge and experience of the corrosion industry can assist returning veterans with their transition into a rewarding and recession-proof career. Mentor responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing your expertise and experience of the corrosion industry with veterans, while offering firsthand knowledge and advice on possible career paths and expectations.
  • Providing veterans with opportunities to network with other corrosion professionals, AMPP members, and/or potential employers, including but not limited to attending AMPP Chapter meetings, AMPP conferences and events, and field site visits.
  • Communicating regularly with veteran to monitor progress during and after program participation, and providing periodic updates on veteran’s progress to AMPP EMERG staff.

If you are interested in mentoring a veteran in our Workforce Development Program, please download the application below, complete, and return to Christine Lajzo.




*Our objective is to assist veterans in developing a skillset that will enable them to independently pursue a successful career beyond the military. While it is the expectation to provide every possible service to each candidate, AMPP is in no way making a guarantee of employment upon completion of the Workforce Development Program. It is ultimately the responsibility of each candidate to use the training, opportunities, tools and information provided to secure employment.