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The NACE Foundation’s Workforce Development Program was established to assist returning veterans in achieving a smooth transition into the workforce through proper guidance and education/training. This program relies on volunteers who will commit to counseling and supporting the career paths of our selected veterans, and to assist the NACE Foundation staff in finding networking and job placement opportunities for veteran participants upon program completion.

As a mentor, your knowledge and experience of the corrosion industry can assist returning veterans with their transition into a rewarding and recession-proof career. Mentor responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing your expertise and experience of the corrosion industry with veterans, while offering firsthand knowledge and advice on possible career paths and expectations.
  • Providing veterans with opportunities to network with other corrosion professionals, NACE members, and/or potential employers, including but not limited to attending NACE section meetings, NACE conferences and events, and field site visits with veterans.
  • Communicating regularly with veteran to monitor progress during and after program participation, and providing periodic updates on veteran’s progress to NACE Foundation staff.

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