Workforce Development Program for Veterans

According to the Department of Labor, the national unemployment rate amongst veterans in the United States is higher than the national average. In an effort to address this problem, the NACE International Foundation is committed to helping qualified and interested U.S. military veterans receive the training and support they need to embark on a rewarding career in the corrosion industry.

Military photoThe NACE Foundation’s Workforce Development Program provides participants with the following:

NACE Training for Veterans

NACE Foundation will support two NACE training courses, up to a Level I certification course (CP or CIP), and reimbursement for travel and lodging during the course of training.

Mentoring from Industry Professionals

Mentors provide a knowledge base, counsel participants on career options within the corrosion industry, and assist with opportunities for networking.

Unlike many agencies that assist ex-military personnel, the NACE Foundation’s objective is to assist veterans in developing a skillset that will enable them to pursue a successful career beyond military.

*The NACE Foundation’s objective is to assist veterans in developing a skillset that will enable them to independently pursue a successful career beyond the military. While it is the expectation of the NACE Foundation to provide every possible service to each candidate, the NACE Foundation is in no way making a guarantee of employment upon completion of the Workforce Development Program. It is ultimately the responsibility of each candidate to use the training, opportunities, tools and information provided to secure employment.

NACE Training Courses Descriptions

The Basic Corrosion e-course focuses on corrosion and the potential problems caused by corrosion. It covers a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled.

The lecture and multi-media based course includes a downloadable Basic Corrosion course manual, audio narration with transcripts, interactive exercises and knowledge checks throughout to test your comprehension of the material. Participate from work, home or on the go with on-demand viewing and bookmarking capabilities that enable you to complete the course as your schedule allows.

Participants must complete Basic Corrosion Online e-course at 100% and complete the proctored, written examination with a minimum passing score in order to register for a Level 1 Certification Course.

Visit NACE International for more information on the Basic Corrosion Online Course.

CP I – Cathodic Protection Tester (View course description)

The CP 1–Cathodic Protection Tester Course is an intensive 6-day course that presents CP technology to prepare students for the NACE Cathodic Protection Tester Certification Examination. Course topics include basic electricity, electrochemistry and corrosion concepts, CP theory, CP systems, and CP field measurement techniques.

This course provides theoretical knowledge and practical fundamentals for testing on both galvanic and impressed current CP systems. The course involves lectures and intensive hands-on training with equipment and instruments used in CP testing. It also includes hands-on training at outdoor facilities (weather- permitting). The course concludes with both a 2-hour written and a 2-hour practical (hands-on) examination.

This program will benefit anyone who is responsible for supervising CP systems, measuring the effectiveness of CP systems and/or recording this data, including CP field personnel, technicians, and those desiring certification as a “NACE Cathodic Protection Tester.”

Visit NACE International for more information on CP I – Cathodic Protection Tester.

CIP I – Coatings Inspector Program

CIP introduces inspectors, applications, blasters, manufacturers, owner’s representatives, specifiers, and technical salesmen to the basics of corrosion control, paint inspection, and project management in a way that has resulted in savings of billions of dollars in costly mistakes.

The CIP Level 1 Course is an intensive presentation of the basic technology of coating application and inspection over a full 60 hours of personal instruction and practice. This course provides both the technical and practical fundamentals for coating inspection work on structural steel projects

Although specifically designed for coating inspectors new to the coatings industry, this course will benefit anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection including: project engineers, quality assurance managers, contractors, technical sales representatives, blasters, paint applicators, and maintenance personnel.

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