Corrosion Toolkit (cKit™)

The Corrosion Toolkit (cKit™) was developed in 2005 as a fun and stimulating learning experience for students, as well as hands-on curriculum for high school teachers to challenge, inspire and educate their students on corrosion science and engineering.  At the time, we recruited our industry’s top corrosion experts to create an engaging way to demonstrate corrosion concepts and principles to high school students. They answered this challenge by designing the cKit™ and gladly donated their time and energy in exchange for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.

Included in the kits are the basic materials necessary to perform the experiments:

    • cKitAlligator Clips
    • AA Battery & Battery Holder
    • Electrode Set (metal strips of aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, tin and zinc)
    • Digital Voltmeter
    • Teachers Guide

In addition, you will also find supplemental information such as:

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cKit™ Resources for Teachers:

Additional resources, including supplemental articles, websites, and videos to help reinforce content from the cKit™ Teacher’s Guide are available to teachers and students.

Check out these video demonstrations!

Experiment #1: Corrosion Exposure presented by Kim Ray and Tanner Ray.

Experiment #3: Fruit “Juice” Objective presented by Andy Nydam.


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