Corrosion Toolkit (cKit™)

The Corrosion Toolkit (cKit™) was developed in 2005 as a fun and stimulating learning experience for students, as well as hands-on curriculum for high school teachers to challenge, inspire and educate their students on corrosion science and engineering.  At the time, we recruited our industry’s top corrosion experts to create an engaging way to demonstrate corrosion concepts and principles to high school students. They answered this challenge by designing the cKit™ and gladly donated their time and energy in exchange for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.

Included in the kits are the basic materials necessary to perform the experiments:

    • cKitAlligator Clips
    • AA Battery & Battery Holder
    • Electrode Set (metal strips of aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, tin and zinc)
    • Digital Voltmeter
    • Teachers Guide

In addition, you will also find supplemental information such as:

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cKit™ Resources for Teachers:

Additional resources, including supplemental articles, websites, and videos to help reinforce content from the cKit™ Teacher’s Guide are available to teachers and students.

Check out these video demonstrations!

Experiment #1: Corrosion Exposure presented by Kim Ray and Tanner Ray.

Experiment #3: Fruit “Juice” Objective presented by Andy Nydam.


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ASM Materials Camps®-Teachers

News-MPDec2014_ASM Calgary
Since 2005, we have partnered with the ASM Materials Education Foundation to fund and organize Teacher Materials Camps, week-long educational summer camps for science, technology, engineering, and math teachers. These camps are held in more than 40 cities across the United States and Canada each summer providing STEM educators with the tools to excite their students and further their professional development.

The idea-generating workshop provides classroom instruction and hands-on lab experiences that show educators how to use applied engineering techniques in their classroom, making math and core science principles more enticing and relevant to their middle and high school students. The camp curriculum includes a 4-hour corrosion component utilizing our cKit™ (Corrosion Toolkit).

  • The camp is FREE for attendees. Participants are eligible to receive four (4) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and can opt for two (2) graduate level credits.
  • Educators work with metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, and develop a greater appreciation for the importance of these materials in modern life.
  • 97% of teacher participants incorporate the experiments and learned concepts in their classrooms.

For more information on upcoming ASM Materials Camps®, please visit ASM Materials Education Foundation.

ASM Camps

EMERG Student Camp

Each spring, the NACE Foundation invites high school science students to participate in a day-long mini-camp held during AMPP’s annual conference and exposition.  During the camp, students will conduct engaging and hands-on corrosion experiments from the popular cKit™ (Corrosion Toolkit), as well as explore academic, research, and career opportunities from university students and industry professionals during a tour of the exhibit hall.

Explore scientific principles in:

  • Chemical reactions
  • Oxidization
  • Activity series of metals
  • Electrochemistry
  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics
  • Energy Transfer
  • Cathodic Protection

Discover the world of corrosion:

  • Student Poster Session
  • Cathodic Protection Test Field
  • Coatings Experience
  • Meet Industry Professionals


Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Denver Convention Center
Denver, CO

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Lunch Sponsor:


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  Application Deadline: January 15, 2023

Download Registration Form Download Event Flyer

  • This event is FREE for students and teachers to attend. Participation at the EMERG Student Campis limited to the first 50 students. Priority will be given to high school classes of juniors and seniors currently enrolled in AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, and/or AP Physics courses.
  • Teachers may register for a class of no more than 25 students. One chaperone per 10 students is required. Lunch is provided to all students, teachers, and chaperones.
  • Schools using district buses may be eligible to receive a bus stipend to help with transportation costs.
  • To register for the EMERG Student Camp, download and submit completed form to the AMPP prior to the deadline. Submission of registration form does not guarantee participation at this event. Confirmation of your class’s attendance will be emailed by January 31, 2023.

Lab Instructors

Debbie Goodwin has 31 years of teaching experience in high school and middle school science. Goodwin recently retired from Chillicothe High School in Missouri where she taught materials science and technology (MST) for 17 years. Other subjects she taught include biology, chemistry, physical science, and applied biology/chemistry. She has made MST presentations at numerous regional and national conferences including National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). She has also instructed at summer workshops on applied biology/chemistry (ABC) and MST in various states, including serving as a master teacher for the ASM Materials Science Teachers Camp Program since 2002. Goodwin has a B.S. in education (biology/chemistry) from Southwest Missouri State University and her M.S. in education is from Central Methodist College.

Andy Nydam has 30 years of teaching in high school material science and community college automotive apprentice programs. Nydam has been an integral part of the development, adoption, and implementation of material science at the state and national level, beginning with the Department of Energy in 1986. Since retiring from Olympia High School in Olympia, Washington, Nydam has been active with ASM International, NACE International, Polymer Ambassadors, and numerous industry/higher education/STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) collaborations. Nydam has been a lead instructor for material science week-long summer camps as well as hundreds of state and national presentation at conventions for science, STEM, industry, and education reform, as well as MSP (math, science, partnerships) and CORE+ (curriculum designed to blur the lines between shop, science, and math in a high school curriculum designed to develop technical employment skills).