NACE Community Honors Lori Blundell with Memorial Star

PressRelease-2009_Lori Blundell Star


PressRelease-2009_Lori Blundell StarHOUSTON (July 10, 2009) — In an organization as large and diverse as NACE International, it is only on rare occasion that a broad cross section of our community comes together to honor an employee who so clearly defined the goodness of purpose and kindness in humanity within the society. It is in exactly that spirit, however, that so many employees and members of NACE have honored the memory of Lori Blundell with a Memorial Star mounted at the entrance of the new training center, the Elcometer Building at NACE International.

When Lori departed us following a long battle with cancer, she had been with NACE for just shy of a decade. Yet she seemingly left a lifetime legacy of professionalism combined with a grand sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Her co-workers and many NACE member-volunteers note that her integrity was beyond reproach, and in so many ways, she expressed unconditional fondness for all. Throughout the battle with her illness, she was positive and upbeat, exhibiting a fighting spirit that rarely let her disease get her down. No matter her circumstances, say many, she wore her joy on her sleeve.

Lori began her tenure with NACE as a Technical Activities Coordinator where she excelled at the complicated procedures for standards development and requirements for working with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). When she sought and received a promotion to edit technical training manuals for NACE courses, NACE member-leaders of the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) presented her with a certificate of appreciation, and several committee officers with whom she had worked honored her with a special dinner.

In reviewing Lori’s accomplishments, it becomes clear that she always worked to improve her skills so that she might better serve NACE members. She took the Basic Corrosion course, as do many NACE employees, but also audited the Coating Inspector course to learn more about the topics her technical committees dealt with. She had an excellent mind and great common sense, all the while liberating her special talent for making people feel comfortable. If she saw irony in any situation, she gleefully noted it for the rest of us.

Lori always spoke fondly of her home, Newfoundland. Many suggest that it was her enduring Eastern Canadian spirit that lead her to always be ready to take on new tasks, new ideas, and be open to expanding her role as a NACE staff member. Lori also publicly and frequently honored her mother and father, serving as another testament to her belief in love and family. It was in just that spirit of giving that many NACE members and staff contributed funds toward the purchase of two first-class tickets to send Lori and her husband home to visit her parents before her illness made it impossible to travel.

The installation of the Lori Blundell Memorial Star, and especially the source of contributed funds that made it possible, truly embody the breadth of the NACE community and its humanitarian compassion. Virtually all of NACE staff began the process of making the Star possible with individual contributions. The balance of the more than $10,000 raised for the star came from NACE members, leaders, volunteers, and instructors who knew and so appreciated Lori, and especially the spirit of the community she so clearly defines even today.

So many people have been involved in this Memorial, each for their individual reasons. So many can still hear her laugh all over the building at headquarters in Houston.

Lori Blundell was both loved and respected, and we miss her.

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