Scholarship in Memory of Long-Time Member J. Lee Magnon

News-MPFeb2014_Lee Magnon

News-MPFeb2014_Lee MagnonOn behalf of the NACE Central Area, the NACE Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new scholarship commemorating long-time NACE member, Lee Magnon, who passed away unexpectedly on November 11, 2011. Jane Brown, Area Director for the NACE Central Area and Owner at Brown Corrosion Services, Inc., spearheaded this initiative and remarked about the addition of the scholarship, “The NACE Central Area is very proud to fund this scholarship in Lee’s name. He was a wonderful leader, kept us all accountable and focused on our purpose for the corrosion industry, and reminded us of the good we could do in life.”

Magnon, a certified corrosion specialist and NACE member for over 50 years, was dedicated in his support and volunteer services to NACE.  He served as an officer in most positions with both the NACE Houston Section and the NACE South Central Region (now Central Area). For more than eight years Magnon served as a chairman at various levels of the Houston Section’s annual Gulf Coast Corrosion Control Seminar.  He received the NACE Distinguished Service Award in 1989 and the South Central Region Eben Junkin Award in 1991 in recognition of these services.

During his lifetime, Magnon served on numerous technical committees, presented technical papers at the NACE regional and national conferences, and served on the 1992-1995 NACE Board of Directors as a director from the South Central Region.  Magnon also served on many administrative committees such as Membership, RMC, Policy and Bylaws, Awards, Nominating, and Technical Facilities Advisory.  Most notable was Magnon’s service with the 1993 Board Ad Hoc Committee on Operations and Procedures, and a 2001 committee of the same name, both of which realigned the board and organization as a whole.  As further acknowledgment for his endeavors, Magnon was awarded the R.A. Brannon Award in 2003, which recognizes a current NACE member whose outstanding service has contributed to the development and improvement of NACE at the association, committee, or board level.

Above all else, Magnon strongly felt that education lifted people up, and he was always willing to help students find their path.  He instilled a commitment to education in the many of the NACE members he came into contact with, both through university systems and NACE. Magnon’s dedication to making a positive impact on education makes the creation of this scholarship especially poignant. He inspired many within the NACE community to be aware, get involved, and make a commitment to the future.

Brown added, “For me, Lee was one part guiding granddad, one part wise peer, one part wine drinking buddy and always encouraging and supportive of me, as an individual, corrosion worker, and NACE volunteer. When he passed the Houston Section’s proverbial education baton to me, I could not have been more thrilled to see our educational programs continue on and thrive as he had guided me. Now having the chance to see children in our Area have a scholarship in his name is really thrilling – he would be very happy about this. We miss you very much, Lee, but you will live on in your purpose!”  The Foundation is pleased to offer this scholarship knowing that it will assist students with achieving their dreams and accomplishing their goals.

The NACE Foundation will award two scholarships for the 2014 academic year in the amount of $2,500 each on behalf of the NACE Central Area and in memory of Lee Magnon. Students residing within the boundaries of the NACE Central Area and who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in science or engineering are eligible to apply. For more information, please visit or contact the NACE Foundation directly at

Originally published in Materials Performance, February 2014

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