Past Presidents Council Awards First Annual Academic Scholarship Through NACE Foundation

News-MPAug2011_Past Presidents Scholarship
News-MPAug2011_Past Presidents Scholarship

Left to right: Joe Payer, Bob Puyear, Neil Thompson, Walt Poff, scholarship winner Kyle Addis, Mark Byerley, Sr., and George Jeffares.

In March at CORROSION 2011 in Houston, Texas, the very first Past Presidents Scholarship was awarded to Kyle Addis, a chemical engineering student at Ohio University. This scholarship was created in 2005 by the Past Presidents Council and is administered by the NACE International Foundation to provide financial assistance to students who aspire to study corrosion science or engineering. When asked about being selected for the scholarship, Addis replied, “I am incredibly honored to be chosen as the first Past Presidents Scholarship recipient. These funds will help me buy books and other necessities as I work toward my Ph.D.”

Several members of the Past Presidents Council were on-hand at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony to congratulate Addis, as well as offer support and encouragement to the other students who received scholarships through the NACE Foundation. In attendance were: Joe Payer, Walt Poff, Bob Puyear, Mark Byerley and George Jeffares. Past President of NACE International, Neil Thompson, presided over the awards ceremony as current president of the NACE Foundation.

The Past Presidents Council would like to see their scholarship continue to grow and have a significant impact on many more students in the future. While support for the scholarship thus far has come solely from the Past Presidents themselves, contributions from outside the council are welcomed. Individuals, corporations, NACE Sections and Areas, and other organizations are encouraged to make tax-deductible contributions to the NACE Foundation to support this scholarship.

“I believe we are doing good things by partnering with the Foundation to offer this scholarship to students who are the future of our industry.  We would be most grateful to those who choose to make a contribution to our scholarship fund in honor or memory of their favorite Past President.  A BIG THANK YOU to all who support us in this endeavor,” said past president, Walt Poff.

For more information about the NACE Foundation, or if you are interested in making a contribution to the Past Presidents Scholarship, please contact the NACE Foundation at +1 281-228-6205.

Originally published in Materials Performance, August 2011

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