NACE Foundation Hosts First Mini-Camp for High School Students

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CORROSION 2015 in Dallas, Texas was the site of CORROSION: Opportunities Realized, a new program created by the NACE Foundation to educate and spread corrosion awareness to the future of our industry. Sixty high school juniors and seniors from North Dallas High School, Trinidad Garza Early College High School, and Waxahachie Global High School were invited to the conference to participate in corrosion-related activities during this day-long mini-camp.

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High school students from the Dallas, Texas area join corrosion students and professionals at the NACE Foundation’s mini-camp, CORROSION: Opportunities Realized.

Led by Master Teachers Andy Nydam and Debbie Goodwin, students conducted hands-on corrosion experiments from the NACE Foundation’s popular cKit™ (Corrosion Toolkit) and learned several basic scientific principles of corrosion, such as oxidation, electrochemistry, and the activity series of metals. Students were also given the opportunity to learn about research and career opportunities from industry professionals and NACE U (university) students, who volunteered to lead the student tours of the CORROSION 2015 Exhibit Hall, stopping at areas such as the Cathodic Protection Test Field, the Student Poster Session, and the CoatingsPro Virtual Spray Booth.

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Students create fruit batteries in a popular, hands-on corrosion experiment from the NACE Foundation cKit™.

Among the industry professionals was special guest speaker Carol Knox of Bayer MaterialScience, who explained to students the environmental and economical impact of corrosion, and what potential career opportunities are available in the corrosion industry. During their tour of the CORROSION 2015 show floor, students also had the privilege of learning about microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) from expert Rick Eckert at DNV GL’s booth.

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High school students at CORROSION: Opportunities Realized learn about pipe-to-soil potential readings from NACE Instructor Tom Fowler at the Cathodic Protection Test Field.

CORROSION: Opportunities Realized was a huge success, and was made possible by the generous support of our program sponsor, Bayer MaterialScience. The NACE Foundation would also like to thank the more than 30 volunteers, teachers, NACE members, NACE student members, and staff, who shared their knowledge and expertise in corrosion with the future of our industry. For more information on how to get involved with CORROSION: Opportunities Realized at CORROSION 2016, please contact Autumn Tran at e-mail:

Originally published in Materials Performance, August 2015

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