• 2016-OSA-ABacco

    2016 Outstanding Student Award Recipients

    The Outstanding Student Award is awarded by the NACE Foundation and was created to recognize exceptional service to NACE International or the NACE International Foundation by a NACE student member in good standing. Thanks to the generous support of BP, the NACE Foundation congratulates this year’s Outstanding Student Award recipients: Ana Bacco, University of Akron Nafiseh […]

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  • Awards-C2016_HansSchmoldt

    2016 Founders Award Recipient – Hans E. Schmoldt

    Mr. Hans E. Schmoldt, Sr. was selected as the recipient of the 2016 Founders Award. As a member of NACE since 1954, Mr. Schmoldt dedicated his life and career to providing services in cathodic protection (CP) until his retirement in 1990. Apart from his long and auspicious career in the corrosion industry, Mr. Schmoldt has […]

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  • Casey-OSA

    2015 Outstanding Student Award Recipient – Casey Thurber

    Casey Thurber, University of North Texas Casey Thurber is currently the Chairman of the University of North Texas Student Chapter and Vice-Chairman of the ACC Student Subcommittee. In 2014, he established the NACE University of North Texas Student Chapter and actively recruited new members by speaking to individual research groups and presenting at UNT engineering […]

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  • Donate-OSA-MCole_TBieri

    2015 Outstanding Student Award Recipient – Mary Cole

    Mary Cole, University of Akron Mary is an outstanding member of the Corrosion Engineering community, from her service to the University of Akron’s Corrosion Engineering degree and Corrosion Squad, to her volunteer activities with NACE International and the NACE Foundation. She is a fourth year student in the Corrosion Engineering degree program at the University […]

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  • Awards-Joe Payer_C2015

    2015 Founders Award Recipient – Dr. Joe H. Payer

    Dr. Joe H. Payer was selected as the recipient of the 2015 Founders Award. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in corrosion and materials performance, and for his commitment in promoting corrosion science and education to the future generation of our industry. An active member of NACE and the corrosion community over the years, […]

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  • Awards-C2014_Aziz Asphahani

    2014 Founders Award Recipient – Dr. Aziz I. Asphahani

    Dr. Aziz Asphahani was selected as the recipient of the 2014 Founders Award for his heavy influence on corrosion science and education, as well as his longstanding and continued commitment to the mission and goals of the NACE Foundation. A NACE member of more than 40 years, Dr. Asphahani served both on the NACE International […]

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  • Awards-C2013_Pierre Crevolin

    2013 Founders Award Recipient – Pierre Crevolin

    Pierre Crevolin was selected as the recipient of the 2013 Founders Award for his long and distinguished history of commitment to the NACE Foundation. Pierre’s service to the Foundation began as a board member in 2004, serving as the NACE Past President representative.  While this was Pierre’s first formal position on the Foundation board, he […]

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  • Awards-2012_Dick Wilson

    2012 Founders Award Recipient – Dick Wilson

    Richard M. Wilson served on the Board of Directors for the NACE Foundation from 2008 to 2011.  During his tenure, he chaired the Development Committee and was active in the fundraising efforts. Through Carboline, Mr. Wilson continues to support the Foundation in its mission to engage students and educators in the field of corrosion science and engineering.  His […]

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  • Awards-2011_Elaine Bowman

    2011 Founders Award Recipient – Elaine Bowman

    Elaine Bowman has been a steadfast advocate for the NACE Foundation since it began as an Endowment Committee within NACE International in the late 1980’s.  She led the NACE Foundation as president from 2006–2008 with creative ideas for fundraising and a vision for innovative educational programs. Elaine’s strategy was to create and sustain a viable, vibrant […]

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  • Awards-2010_Original Endowment Committee

    2009 Founders Award Recipient – Original Endowment Committee for the NACE Foundation

    The 2009 award recognizes a group of individuals – the original members of the Endowment Committee, established in 1986, that eventually evolved into the NACE Foundation as we know it today. As the award is named after “The Founders” of the NACE Foundation, it is appropriate that this group of individuals be recognized:     Walter […]

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