2021 Founders Award Recipients – Jeff Didas & Sylvia Hall (posthumously)



Sylvia Hall
In honor and recognition of 37+ years of outstanding contributions to the corrosion industry, NACE organization, female corrosion professionals, and young generations, Sylvia Hall was the epitome of what the Founders Award stands for.

During her tenure, she continued to advocate for and support students who are interested in pursuing careers in the corrosion industry. Through her position as Education Chair with the Western Area and Los Angeles Section she was a constant supporter of the NACE Foundation, responsible for the creation of several scholarships and travel assistance funds. Since 2010, she championed the cause to provide travel assistance funds through the NACE Foundation in excess of $117,000 to more than 230 students from the Western Area. Sylvia was also a personal donor to the NACE Foundation and participated with the Foundation board at the committee level.

Sylvia was the Principal Corrosion Engineer at Sylvia Hall Engineering in Escondido & Hacienda Heights, California. She is dearly missed and leaves a great legacy for others to follow.

Jeff Didas
As an active and published member of NACE International for the last 45 years, Jeff Didas has an accomplished list of achievements, from his role as NACE President (2018-2019) to his role as NACE Treasurer and Chair/Vice-Chair/general member of numerous NACE committees over the years. In addition, he is a NACE award recipient, receiving the Brannon Award in 2014 and the NACE Distinguished Service Award in 2011 for his many contributions to the organization.

Jeff became involved with the Foundation during his tenure as NACE Treasurer from 2009-2012. After his term, Jeff stayed actively engaged with the NACE Foundation as a volunteer, serving on both various scholarship selection committees and as Chair of the selection committee for the Foundation’s Workforce Development Program, a position he still currently holds. He has been especially active in helping secure mentors for WFD participants and is always willing to lend his name to the Foundation cause. Jeff was also instrumental in securing an agreement between the Foundation and the AUCSC Committee resulting in the procurement of $12,000 in scholarship funds annually. He has, on many occasions, spoken on behalf of, presented for, and represented the NACE Foundation at various meetings when staff or board members were unavailable. Jeff is an active and consistent personal donor to the NACE Foundation. He has been a true and faithful advocate and supporter to the NACE Foundation and believes in our Mission and Vision.

Jeff is currently a Corrosion Consultant and Senior Corrosion Engineer for Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc.- ACCI in Glendale, Arizona.

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