2019 Founders Award Recipients – Samir Degan

Samir Degan


During his 24-year tenure with NACE International, Dr. Degan has served in multiple leadership roles, including currently serving as Past President for the 2018-2019 term. He has also held numerous positions within the Gateway India Section and East Asia Pacific Area. He headed the annual NACE India event CORCON in 2002, 2013 and 2014. He coordinates several of NACE’s certification programs and awareness programs in India. He has assisted the section with several public advocacy efforts which include the Government of India; United States Commercial Services; Bureau of Indian Standards, large industry organizations like Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Confederation of Indian Industry; Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry, etc. Though these efforts the Government of India has launched the National Mission on Corrosion Technologies and Standards and has also proposed a Bureau of Corrosion Control.
During his time as President of NACE International, Samir was instrumental in supporting all facets of the NACE Foundation, including attending board meetings, participating in Foundation fundraising events, and outreach that resulted in raising significant unrestricted funds for the NACE Foundation in fiscal year 2018. Samir also continues to make strides to expand the Foundation’s global impact. In April 2017, International Corrosion Awareness Day was celebrated across India in Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. In his address to the Chennai crowd, Degan highlighted several areas in which the NACE Foundation is helping and supporting students and research scholars to perform projects and academic studies related to corrosion. He is an acting liaison in creating academic scholarship opportunities to research students in India and in 2018 worked with the Foundation to award $12,800 to deserving students.
Samir has a passion for working with and assisting the future of our industry, and though his NACE presidency has ended, he continues to be an advocate for the NACE Foundation through his outreach efforts. He also supports the NACE Foundation through personal giving and has maintained his status on the Foundation’s Honor Roll of Donors. On behalf of the NACE Foundation Board of Directors, we are humbled and honored to present Dr. Samir Degan with the 2019 Founders Award.

About the recipients:

Samir Degan, Ph.D. currently serves as Managing Director of Osnar Paints and Contracts Private Limited, Director of Osnar Chemical Private Limited and Independent Director at Atlanta Limited. His areas of expertise are in coatings and its application; modification of asphalt cements and in materials for reinforcement for asphalt and concrete pavements.

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