2015 Founders Award Recipient – Dr. Joe H. Payer

Awards-Joe Payer_C2015

Awards-Joe Payer_300x400Dr. Joe H. Payer was selected as the recipient of the 2015 Founders Award. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in corrosion and materials performance, and for his commitment in promoting corrosion science and education to the future generation of our industry.

An active member of NACE and the corrosion community over the years, Dr. Payer served on the NACE Foundation Board of Directors from 2008 to 2014, and contributed to the development, modification and ongoing operation of NACE Foundation programs, including the NACE Foundation’s Workforce Development Program, academic scholarships program, and cKit™ program. Upon joining the faculty at the University of Akron, Dr. Payer applied his extensive knowledge and experience to advance the recently-established University of Akron corrosion engineering program, having committed countless of hours to curriculum development, the securing of new laboratories and significant pieces of equipment, and the recruiting of students and additional faculty members.

Additionally, Dr. Payer directed the University Corrosion Collaboration at the University of Akron for the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Corrosion Policy and Oversight. Dr. Payer also directed the U.S. Department of Energy, multi-university, Corrosion and Materials Performance Cooperative at Case Western Reserve University, and is a former director of the Yeager Center for Electrochemical Sciences. Prior to his service on the NACE Foundation Board of Directors, Dr. Payer served on the NACE International Board of Directors, and as NACE President from 1986 to 1987. He is a now a Fellow of NACE International, a Fellow of ASM International, and received the ASTM Sam Tour Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research, Development and Evaluation of Corrosion Testing Methods.

Dr. Payer’s belief of the NACE Foundation’s mission is evident in both the contributions he has made to our industry, and in his commitment to preparing the corrosion engineers of tomorrow. It is with great pleasure, and on behalf of the NACE International Foundation Board of Directors, we honor Dr. Payer as our 2015 Founders Award recipient.

Dr. Joe H. Payer is the Chief Scientist of the National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP), and Research Professor of Corrosion and Reliability Engineering at the University of Akron.

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