2015 Outstanding Student Award Recipient – Casey Thurber


Casey Thurber, University of North Texas

Awards-OSA_Casey ThurberCasey Thurber is currently the Chairman of the University of North Texas Student Chapter and Vice-Chairman of the ACC Student Subcommittee. In 2014, he established the NACE University of North Texas Student Chapter and actively recruited new members by speaking to individual research groups and presenting at UNT engineering events. As Chairman of the section, Casey oversees all of the monthly operations plans each meeting to include guest speakers and updates on current news and student opportunities within NACE.

In addition to his involvement with the UNT Student Chapter, Casey also regularly attends and volunteers at the NACE North Texas Section Meetings and often gives updates on the student section. At the NACE Central Area meeting, Casey participated in a sponsored group competition event that tested knowledge of current corrosion technology, and represented both the NACE North Texas Section and the UNT Student Chapter at the meeting. During CORROSION 2014, Casey became the Vice-Chairman of the ACC Student Subcommittee, and worked with the NACE Foundation staff to develop the NACE Foundation Outstanding Student Award.

Casey is pursuing a doctoral degree in Analytical Chemistry within in Mechanical and Energy Engineering within the Department of Chemistry at University of North Texas, with research focuses on the areas of corrosion prevention within the field of electrochemistry and mechanical testing of new coatings. Focusing on the development of new corrosion resistant coatings in the oil and gas industry, Casey and a fellow group mate designed the first metal composite coating using montmorillonite, a clay which enhanced the corrosion and mechanical properties of the coatings. Currently, Casey is designing a copper-nickel alloy coating incorporated with montmorillonite for enhanced corrosion protection in marine environments. He has three publications with another on the way, and will present his research at the NACE Student Poster Session during CORROSION 2015.

The Outstanding Student Award is awarded by the NACE Foundation and was created to recognize exceptional service to NACE International or the NACE International Foundation by a NACE student member in good standing.

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