2009 Founders Award Recipient – Original Endowment Committee for the NACE Foundation

Awards-2010_Original Endowment Committee

The 2009 award recognizes a group of individuals – the original members of the Endowment Committee, established in 1986, that eventually evolved into the NACE Foundation as we know it today. As the award is named after “The Founders” of the NACE Foundation, it is appropriate that this group of individuals be recognized:

    Awards-2010_Walter Boyd Awards-2010_Doug Downing Awards-2010_Arthur Flory
Walter K. Boyd*
Douglas D. Downing*
A. C. “Scotty” Flory
Awards-2010_Ernest Haycock Awards-2010_Gordon Rankin Awards-2010_Phillip Saureisen
Ernest W. Haycock*
T. Gordon Rankin
Phil F. Sauereisen*
Awards-2010_Arthur J. Toncre Awards-2010_Ellis Verink Awards-2010_Harry Webster
Arthur C. Toncre
Ellis D. Verink, Jr.
Harold A. Webster*

Three other members of the original founding group have previously been recognized with this award: Walter B. Poff in 2008, *Stanley Lopata in 2006 and *Darrel D. Byerley, who had the distinct honor of being the first recipient of the award in 2005.

The NACE Foundation is grateful to this dedicated group of individuals whose vision, financial support and continued efforts have resulted in a one of a kind organization dedicated to promoting knowledge of corrosion science and engineering to our industry’s next generation.

*Awarded posthumously.

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