2006 Founders Award Recipient – Stan Lopata

Awards-2006_Stan Lopata

This year, we unanimously voted to present the Founders Award in memory of Stanley Lopata. Mr. Lopata was the first Chairman of the NACE International Endowment Committee in l986. He was also the Treasurer of NACE International 1986 – l988. In addition to serving as the first Chairman of this Committee (which functioned as a committee of the NACE Board), Mr. Lopata made the first donation of $10,000 to the NACE Foundation.

As founder of Carboline Corporation, Mr. Lopata spent his entire life dedicated to the corrosion industry. NACE was only one organization which benefited from his talents and financial success. He was a l935 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri where there is a building that bears his name—Stanley and Lucy Lopata Hall. There is also an award at the University of Missouri, St. Louis that is the Stanley Lopata Award of Excellence.

It is only appropriate that the NACE Foundation recognize this outstanding individual who did so much for the corrosion community and education in particular for the establishment of the NACE Foundation.

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