2005 Founders Award Recipient – Darrel D. Byerley

Awards-2005_Darrel D. Byerley

Awards-2005_Darrel D. ByerleyThe Foundation chose a very special individual to be the first recipient of this award . . . Mr. Darrel D. Byerley.

We recently lost Darrel, but he was loved and respected by all at the Foundation. He was an active member of NACE since 1955, serving as President of NACE in 1974-1975. He held many distinguished NACE awards including the Russell A. Brannon Award. His professional accomplishments were truly a home grown success story!

While his service to NACE International was long and distinguished, this nomination for the inaugural NACE Foundation Founders Award was made for his vision to establish an educational foundation to further corrosion science and engineering.

He was one of the drivers in creating the original Endowment Committee in 1986 and it is just and appropriate that he be the first recipient of the Founders Award. While there are many individuals who have worked with us to see the NACE Foundation become a reality, we believe they all agree that there could be no other individual more deserving of this award.

He persisted over 15 years in his vision of establishing an educational outreach for NACE International through the Foundation. He made a career out of making a difference. His lifelong efforts are an inspiration to those of us who follow in his footsteps.

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