History of the NACE Foundation

In 1986, the NACE Foundation was created in the form of an Endowment Committee within NACE International. It officially began under the NACE Presidency of Walt Poff, who proposed its creation in order to provide NACE members and industry colleagues the ability to donate towards scholarships for students with interests in corrosion control. Their dream was, eventually, to establish a separate training facility and a museum of corrosion artifacts, videos, and case histories.

The first Chairman of the Endowment Committee was Stan Lopata, who also became the first official financial supporter with a $10,000 donation. Shortly thereafter, other NACE Areas, Sections, and members made financial contributions towards the Endowment Committee. Among those who contributed to the growth of the Endowment Committee were Doug Downing, and our beloved supporters: Harry Webster and Darrel Byerley. The Endowment Committee was especially grateful to Mr. Webster and Mr. Byerley for their substantial financial contributions.

In 2002, the Endowment Committee was officially transformed into what we know today as the NACE Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their vision was to support education and research projects relating to the science of corrosion, and is one that we continue to pursue.

The NACE Foundation Today

The NACE Foundation is committed to resolving the corrosion epidemic by investing in scholarships, training, and workforce development. The support we have received from NACE International, the NACE community, and the many individuals and companies who generously support our mission and vision is vital the future of our industry. We are excited about the endless opportunities the NACE Foundation will continue to pursue in order to bring corrosion science and corrosion professions to the forefront.