Our Mission

The NACE Foundation raises funds to promote awareness and create educational opportunities for the future, global corrosion workforce.

An educated and experienced workforce in STEM is essential to meaningful innovation and economic growth, and studies show that 50% of future jobs will require STEM skills. The demand for proficient STEM professionals is strong and growing, yet jobs continue to go unfilled due to a shortage of trained and qualified workers. It is critical to the global economy that we engage the world’s future workforce to pursue education and training in STEM disciplines.

In partnership with NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, the NACE Foundation is taking action to address this challenge now.

Our Solution – Protecting the World’s Infrastructure

Take a walk outside and look around, because your world is changing and you don’t even know it. Chances are, you see some deteriorating metal or concrete, showing the destructive effects of corrosion on the world’s aging infrastructure. The effects of corrosion are perpetual and devastating, with preservation costs exceeding a staggering $1.8 trillion globally each year, and $300 billion in the United States alone.

In the wake of the STEM crisis, the future workforce in corrosion science and engineering faces a major threat. A significant number of the industry’s workforce will retire in the next decade, with fewer individuals qualified to take their place. A declining workforce diminishes the ability to keep up with corrosion prevention demands.

Helping to Solve the STEM Demand at All Levels

The NACE Foundation is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing a future workforce in STEM who will protect the world’s infrastructure from the effects of corrosion. Our programs promote STEM education and training to the next generation, and introduce opportunities for professional and rewarding careers across all levels of the corrosion industry.

Building a solid foundation for
YOUR future workforce…

...One Student at a Time

The Academic Scholarship and Travel Assistance programs encourage STEM learning and research, and promote higher education in STEM fields.

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...One Teacher at a Time

The cKit™ program provides a challenging learning experience for students and hands-on curriculum for teachers to inspire, educate, and excite their students.

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...One Veteran at a Time

The NACE Foundation's Workforce Development Program provides training and mentoring to returning veterans with the ultimate goal of a rewarding career.

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