Welcome to the NACE Foundation’s New Website!


nf-logoAfter several months of hard work and dedication, the NACE Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our new website on December 18, 2016. Visit us today at www.nace-foundation.org. Our homepage now features the NACE Foundation’s new mission and vision: To inspire the future workforce in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Our goal with this new website was to provide a more dynamic environment for information to be shared with our visitors by integrating easier navigation tools on a cleaner, more user-friendly environment.

You’ll notice that our new website is divided into five main sections: About Us, Who We Impact, Take Action, Events, and Donor Spotlight. The About Us section includes information about the organization, such as the NACE Foundation’s mission, history, and Board of Directors. Who We Impact includes information on how we are making a difference on students, teachers, and veterans through programs such as our Academic Scholarships program, Corrosion Toolkit (cKit™), and Workforce Development Program. The Take Action section explores different ways for our visitors to get involved with the NACE Foundation, such as making a donation, volunteering, or contributing to the NACE Foundation’s Legacy Tree and Stars campaigns. The Events section lists all of the NACE Foundation’s upcoming events and event sponsorship opportunities that help raise funds that support our mission. Last but not least, the Donor Spotlight page is a new section created to introduce the NACE Foundation’s new Donor Recognition Program, as well as to recognize the NACE Foundation’s top sustaining contributors.

Current and prospective students, teachers, veterans, volunteers, and donors will find useful information on the NACE Foundation and the meaningful work we are doing. One of the new features of our website is the ability to easily make a secure Online Donation with a credit card or personal PayPal account. We will also continue to regularly post news, updates, reminders, and articles to our News Stories section, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

As we continue to focus on the growth of the NACE Foundation, we believe that our interface with those we serve and those we will potentially serve is integral, and we hope that this new website supports that effort. We would also like to thank our marketing and web services staff at NACE International for their time and energy in making our new website a reality.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new website, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

The NACE Foundation Staff

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